Our Mission & Partners

Why we are here and who we are

Mission Statement

Meditation Room exists as a portable and free resource for personal growth and wellbeing.
A stepping-stone toward a happier more meaningful life.

To achieve our mission we form partnerships with people and organizations that share our vision.
Our vision is to support the collective awakening of humankind.

Our Partners

This website is only possible due to the generosity of our contributors.
The following have given permission for their copyright material to be used on Meditation Room.

Steven Sadleir

Steven S. Sadleir is a Kundalini Master in the lineage of Vethathiri Maharishi and Siddha Yogi in the lineage of Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. He is a bestselling author, host of Enlightenment Radio and Director of the Self Awareness Institute.

Over 100.000 people in more than 120 countries have learned to meditate through the SAI and Shaktipat Meditation is Steven’s gift to our website.

Glenn Harrold

Glenn Harrold is one of the world’s most successful hypnotherapists. He has helped thousands of people, including many celebrities, in a 20 years career. In May 2011 he was made a Fellow of The British School of Clinical Hypnosis in acknowledgement of his achievements in the world of hypnotherapy.

Glenn has generously granted MR permission to present his hypnotherapy audio Unconditional Love.

Lucinda Drayton

Lucinda Drayton co-wrote a No. 1 hit (The Real Thing, 1994) and has sold more than 100.000 albums worldwide on her own label, Blissful Records. Her song A Hundred Thousand Angels is considered a spiritual classic.

As well as being a successful singer/songwriter Lucinda has taught meditation and self-empowerment workshops all over the world for over 25 years. We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer her Walk In Love guided meditation on MR.

Kip Mazuy

Kip Mazuy has been a leading composer of meditation music for over 25 years. His Bliss Music label is known around the world for producing uniquely soothing and healing meditation CDs.

He lives in New Zealand, devoting his time to creating contemplative music while continuing to deepen his own meditative experience.

Ocean Euphoric is a ground-breaking CD that works by relaxing the subtle energies (Chi) of the body.

Angelika Schafer

Angelika is an international performer, song-writer and recording artist who has dedicated her life to inspire and heal through the gift of her angelic voice and music.

Her music is deeply soothing, inspiring and heart-opening: there is a great stillness and sacredness present in her recordings and live performances.

Angelika has gifted her wonderful song Govinda Radhe to MR.

Linda Hall

Linda Hall is qualified in holistic massage with the Massage Training Institute, has completed two and a half years training in subtle-energy healing with the McNeil School of Healing, and a one year counselling skills course with Spectrum, a centre for humanistic therapy.

Linda has given MR licence to showcase her two most popular guided meditations Feeling Good and All The Time You Need.

Daniel Schotsborg (Qualia+)

Daniel Schotsborg is a composer, researcher and philosopher from the Netherlands. A graduate of the Conservatory for Music in Amsterdam and University of the Arts in Utrecht, he is currently pursuing a PhD in cooperation with the Dutch Free University on the affects of sound on the human brain.

Daniel’s goal is to compose music that naturally enhances the advancement of human consciousness and his gift to MR is Holomoods Misty Lake.

Partner With Us

Our partners include internationally acclaimed meditation teachers, musicians and sound healers.

If you have original material (photographs, audio & video) suitable to showcase on MR we would love to hear from you!

Message us to discuss terms.

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