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Unconditional Love
The Power of Unconditional Love

The Power of Unconditional Love

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Unconditional Love is a beautifully crafted hypnosis audio. Glenn’s pleasant voice and absorbing 60 bpm sound effects guide you into a state of complete relaxation.

If you are looking for your perfect partner or aiming to build more success in current relationships, this audio is for you.

Hypnotherapy is uniquely effective in helping to re-program your mind. Use The Power of Unconditional Love to overcome self-doubt and develop more loving and harmonious relationships.

This audio from Glenn Harrold is crafted with professionalism and is deeply compassionate. It is absolutely beautiful to experience.

It is best to listen lying down, in a place where you will not be disturbed. DO NOT use this track while driving or using heavy machinery.

We also strongly encourage you to use headphones (you will see why).

The Power of Unconditional Love can be used on a daily basis, or at any time you feel the need for it.

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Wikipedia on hypnosis:

Hypnosis is a state of human consciousness involving focused attention and reduced peripheral awareness and an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestion.

Under hypnosis, the subject is said to have a raised level of focus or concentration. Blocking out sources of distraction the subject is able to concentrate intensely on specific memories or a thought.

Hypnosis is still controversial despite research and clinical use confirming it’s effectiveness. This is despite hypnosis and hypnotherapy being accepted by the American Medical Society as a legitimate therapeutic agent as long ago as 1958.

The mind, memories, dream states and how we are influenced subconsciously are still areas we have much to learn about.

This hypnosis audio is reproduced here by kind permission of Diviniti Publishing Ltd.

The Power of Unconditional Love is the second track of a two-part hypnotherapy CD called Successful Relationships by Glenn Harrold. Glenn is the UK’s best selling self-help audio author.

For more information about Glenn Harrold, and a large catalogue of self-development CDs, DVDs and books go to: Diviniti Publishing Ltd.