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Total Relaxation -- The Antidote To Stress
Ultimate Relaxation

Ultimate Relaxation

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Ultimate Relaxation uses the same powerful binaural beat frequencies as Total Relaxation but uses ocean sounds from Wood Masted Sailboat.

Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax — Mark Black

Taking time for relaxation on a regular basis improves our health, sleep and ability to concentrate, as well as giving us better emotional balance.

You can relax anywhere (at least, anywhere you can take your mobile device) — at home on the sofa, on the bus or train to or from work. Any place or time when you can find 10-20 minutes without being disturbed.

As you put on your headphones and sit back — listen to the sound of the creaking mast, distant gulls and slapping of waves against the ship’s hull. Take a deep breath and let go of any cares you may have.

The binaural beats will gradually take you into deeper states of relaxation. There is no need to try to relax. It is ok to lie down if you want to, and do not worry if you fall asleep.

You may feel slightly spaced-out after listening — this can happen with the release of mental tension. If so, just allow yourself a few minutes rest after the audio finishes before getting up.

This audio should not be used while undertaking physical activity. Stereo headphones are required.

Ultimate Relaxation — Further Information

The initial beat rate is 10.5Hz gradually settling on 7.83 Hz, where it holds for the 20 minutes duration.

7.83 Hz is referred to as the Schumann Resonance and is one of the Earth’s natural (electromagnetic) frequencies. This frequency sits very deep in alpha, the brainwave frequency of relaxation.

The background sound on Ultimate Relaxation is Wood Masted Sailboat by Syntonic Research Inc., and is no longer listed.