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Deep Meditation
Deep Meditation

Deep Meditation

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Deep Meditation uses two cyclical frequences called binaural beats to create a very settled state of mind.

Now you can enjoy ultra-deep meditation without the need for years of training.

Scientific research and personal testimony show binaural beats are able to alter mood and perception. They have been used effectively to induce states of meditation, deep focus and sleep.

The brain has a natural ability to adapt to a periodic stimulus, or rhythm. This ability is called the frequency following response.

Many periodic cycles exist in nature that affect our body’s rhythms. Many are familiar such as night and day, our own heart, cycles of the moon to name a few. With binaural beats, you decide which frequency to align with. You can choose your state of awareness.

You may hear the beats as a faint humming or pulsing behind the sound of rain and wind chimes. You do not need to actively listen to this, nor do you need to be able to clearly hear the tones. Just set the volume of the audio to a comfortable level.

Deep Meditation is mp3 format and lasts for 30-minutes.  Use the audio on its own or together with your normal meditation.

This audio has been custom-made for deep meditation and should not be used while undertaking activity. You need to use stereo headphones.

Deep Meditation — Further Information

Deep Meditation is divided into three (seamlessly integrated) parts, as follows.

1. It takes typically 7-8 minutes for the brain to tune-in to binaural beats. Use this time to settle down and relax. Start by focusing on your breath or follow any simple meditation or relaxation routine. The alpha-beats will relax your mind and help you let go.

2. The middle part of the meditation contains theta-beats. At this stage you are moving into deep meditation and become less aware of your surroundings. You may also be more sensitive to sudden noises. Time can seem to pass very slowly or very quickly. Some people experience flashes of light, voices or dream-like states. This is very normal for theta-brainwave activity, which is associated with REM/dreaming sleep. It is not an anomaly created by the binaural beats.

3. In the final part of the audio, delta-beats, you are in super-deep meditation. If you are tired you may fall asleep, as this is the normal state of delta brainwave activity. With regular use you will be able to stay alert in this deep and silent state where there is very little or no mental activity.

This is the state of restful-alertness. The 4th state of consciousness referred to in the Mandukya Upanishad as turiya avastha. The mind is fully awake but completely still. Often there is no body awareness and a sense of being one-with-all.

The background on Deep Meditation is Relaxing Rain Ambience by Björn Lynne, licensed by Shockwave sound; and accompanying wind chimes is Wind Chimes by psakion, from Freesound Project.

The hypnotic chimes and pink noise of rain help block out unwanted sound and increase the effectiveness of the binaural beats.