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Wood masted sailboat
Wood Masted Sailboat

Wood Masted Sailboat

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Wood Masted Sailboat has no human voices, only the cries of gulls, the crashing of the restless sea and the unmistakable creak of the wooden mast under full sail.

From the original vinyl LP sleeve.

Have you ever been aboard a trim, lithe, ocean-going sailing vessel, with the sting of salty spray on your face? This flawlessly reproduced Environments recording recreates virtually all the sounds and sensations of a voyage on the briny deep, without the need for leaving your living room.
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The knifing of the hull through a surging breaker, the unmistakable creak of the wooden mast under a full load of canvas, the clatter of the rigging, the squeak of the boom-vang, the beseeching cries of gulls, the chiming buoys, and the sensuous roar of the restless main are all here, to be enjoyed whenever you need them.

Wood Masted Sailboat is an iconic soundscape from Syntonic Research Inc., pioneers of nature recordings in the 1970s.

A sound recording that captures a unique perspective. All the elements of a sea-going voyage are present on Wood Masted Sailboat without any obvious human sounds. This creates a completely undisturbed atmosphere on which you can simply let your thoughts drift.

Wood Masted Sailboat — Further Information

Wood Masted Sailboat was No. 3 in the original Environments series, a collection of LPs, cassettes and 8-Track cartridges created by producer and sound recordist Irving Teibel (1938-2010) between 1970 and 1979.

Teibel recognised the marketability of his recordings, noting its effect on improving concentration, enhancing sleep and sex, and imparting a sense of calm to the listener.

Initially unsatisfied with his results, Tiebel hit upon a series of manipulations which made the original recordings sound more real. The series ignited a worldwide interest in field recordings which continues to this day.

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