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Winter Waterfall

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Winter Waterfall is an HD nature sounds video of Bad Urach waterfall in deep winter snow.

You only hear the sound of the water falling. And it’s lovely.

The dark leafless trees are heavy with snow and icicles hang under the waterfall. The woodland is quiet bar the sound of water rushing through icy rocks. Everything sleeps except the water.

You see the falls from the top and get a good view of the drop as the stream tumbles into the woods below and snakes away through the trees.

The waterfall lies on the River Brühlbach, near the town of Bad Urach in Germany, EU. The falls are part of a 10km nature trail that lies within the Swabian Alps.

A 7-minute mp4 video with a steady level of natural white noise. Winter Waterfall is ideal for masking noise or to help you fall asleep. The audio plays on repeat so you can listen for as long as you like.  Or just take a few minutes break watching the cascade of black icy water.

Winter Waterfall — Further Information

The Uracher Wasserfall is a 37 meter high single drop waterfall near Bad Urach in the region Baden-Württemburg, Germany. The region has UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status due its unspoiled nature.

GPS co-ordinates: 48.482923 N / 09.369891 E (Source: European Waterfalls)

The river source lies in a karstic spring only a few hundred meters up from the waterfall. From the town it is an easy 2 kilometer walk along the river Brühlbach, suitable for children. The best time to visit is in spring when snow starts melting or after heavy rain.

The town of Bad Urach has a late-medieval marketplace with a city hall and half-timbered houses that date from the 15th and 16th centuries. There is also a natural thermal spring with water at 61 °C which serves mineral baths.

This video is a shortened version of Frozen Waterfall In Germany by video2relax. Reproduced here under the Creative Commons License.