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Tropical storm
Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm

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A thunderstorm passes over a small lake in the Children’s Eternal Rainforest Preserve, Costa Rica. Tropical Storm is a very atmospheric nature sound with rain, deep rumbling thunder and tropical forest sounds.

Wonderful deep thunder rumbles and a lot of variety.

For the first 10 minutes of Tropical Storm there is the sound of light rainfall on leaves and wonderfully resonant thunder passing along the lake. The heavy raindrops are mixed with bird calls, cicadas and other passing insects.

This is the slow build-up to the storm which arrives around 10:50 when the rain suddenly increases in intensity and by 13:30 is falling very hard. Little else can be heard other than the rain and some thunder.

After 20 minutes the storm passes over and the rain eases, the thunder rumbles away into the distance and the forest gradually return to normal.

The steady sound of rain together with the deep rumble of thunder creates an hypnotic effect that can help you relax or sleep more soundly at night. The low base tones of thunder are very effective in blocking out unwanted sounds like noisy neighbors, traffic and even snoring!

Use these rain and thunder nature sounds to lift your mood or help you relax, as an aid to better sleep or block out distracting noise to help you concentrate.

Tropical Storm — Further Information

The Children’s Eternal Rainforest Preserve is Costa Rica’s largest private reserve and a hotspot for biodiversity, ecotourism, bird watching, and hiking trails. The Bosque Eterno de los Niños (BEN) was founded by donations from children in 44 countries, and is run by a nonprofit conservation organization, the Monteverde Conservation League.

The BEN is incredibly biologically diverse. At 23,000 hectares it covers just 0.0048% of the world’s land surface, but is home to a disproportionate amount of the world’s flora and fauna. 2% of the world’s orchids, 3% of the world’s butterflies, and almost 5% of the world’s bird species live here.

Please consider making a donation to this wonderful project via the BEN website.

Tropical Storm was produced from audio uploaded by Tim Kahn on Freesound, a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.

To hear more soundscapes and download mp3 nature sounds visit Just Nature Sounds.