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Tropical beach
Tropical Beach

Tropical Beach

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This lovely tropical beach soundscape was captured on the fringes of a protected nature reserve, about 50 meters back from the beach. No artificial reverberation has been added — that is a real forest ambience you can hear.

Your own personal tropical island paradise.

No unnatural noises to disturb you, just the sound of clear blue water breaking on sandy shores and the birds in the forest behind you.

The ocean waves have a soft tonality and the forest birdsong is clear and present. Listening to the birds you should be able to hear a natural forest echo, adding a wonderful depth to this recording.

Tropical Beach is a pristine stereo soundscape designed to help you relax or as a background for meditation, yoga or bodywork. You can also use it to change the atmosphere in your home or workplace.

Tropical Beach — Further Information

Tropical Beach was recorded by Christopher Lloyd Clarke and is reproduced here under licence from Royalty Free Meditation Music.

Describing himself as both Artist and Scientist, Dr. Christopher Lloyd Clarke B.Sc, Msc.D. is well versed in the scientific principles of psychoacoustics and music psychology. He has worked closely with therapists and holistic healers for over 15 years to create music for guided meditations, relaxation and hypnosis.

While I am composing, I enter into a state of deep relaxation. I feel my way through the music as I search for sounds that draw me into a deeper and deeper state. It’s a wonderful, intuitive process – a process that I have cultivated through years of meditation practice.

Christopher’s work demonstrates his understanding of the profound effect music can have on the listener, and how this can be used to enhance any natural healing practice.

For more information about Christopher Lloyd Clarke, including his catalogue of music, nature sounds and guided meditations, go to: Royalty Free Meditation Music.

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