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Summer rain
Summer Rain

Summer Rain

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The hypnotic sound of rain and trickling water never lets up. The rain sometimes eases off for a few minutes, before building in strength again. Every now and then there is a rumble of distant thunder.

After listening to these rain sounds your mind will feel cleansed, invigorated and supremely relaxed.

Relax after work or fall asleep to the soothing sound of rain. Summer Rain creates a calm atmosphere that helps adults and children fall asleep.

Use these rain sounds to lift your mood or help you relax. The natural white noise may also help you to concentrate.

Playing rain sounds helps block out distracting sounds like traffic or noisy neighbors. It can actually make your home seem quieter! Some report feeling more relaxed or better able to concentrate when listening to rain sounds. Others use the sound of rain to relieve tinnitus or as an aid to meditation.

Summer Rain — Further Information

Summer Rain uses only 100% nature sounds and is an unbroken 20 minutes soundscape with no looping.

Originally released in 2006 as Relaxing Rain Ambience by Bjorn Lynne. Reproduced here under license from Shockwave Sound.

To hear more soundscapes and download mp3 nature sounds visit Just Nature Sounds.