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Oxford Falls
Oxford Falls

Oxford Falls

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A waterfall after prolonged rain, from Middle Creek near Oxford Falls in NSW Australia.

A relaxing water sound that helps you to fall asleep — and sleep all night long!

Oxford Falls is a relaxing wall of sound created by water rushing over rocks.

Waterfall sounds are a natural source of white noise and ideal for sleep. Some find it easier to concentrate on work when listening to water sounds as they can mask other distracting noises.

White noise has been shown to help babies get to sleep (and stay asleep!). It is thought the sound resembles what the baby was hearing while in the womb, which they are hard-wired to be soothed by. Be sure not to play the sounds too loudly if used this way. See this article on Babyology.

A clean 7-minute audio with a steady volume level. There is no fading at the start or end of the track. Listen as long as you like as this audio is set to loop.

Oxford Falls — Further Information

The Oxford Falls are two waterfalls on Middle Creek, which flows north to meet Oxford Creek. Meandering Creek flows into Middle Creek. Garigal National Park borders the suburb, to the north.

Oxford Falls is a suburb of northern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The suburb is part of the Northern Beaches region and also considered to be part of the Forest District, colloquially known as The Forest.

Oxford Falls was produced from a field recording made in 2011 and uploaded by cybergenic on Freesound. Freesound is a collaborative online database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.

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