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Forest bathing
Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing

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Forest Bathing is a dreamy soundscape of different woodland sounds. Wind whispers in the leaves while birds happily chirp in the trees. Nearby is the sound of water.

A reminder that life can be busy without being hurried.

There are no vehicle noises or human sounds to disturb the quietness of the woods. You hear the familiar cooing of a wood pigeon, the lyrical melody of a blackbird and the twittering of countless warblers. There is a small stream nearby and the sound of water rushing over rocks forms a background to everything else.

There is a natural rhythm to the forest that asks nothing of you. No deadlines. No expectations. Just allow yourself to bathe in the flow of light and sound.

A place where you have time to listen to the wind in the leaves and feel the sun on your skin, breathe slowly, deeply and relax. You are nowhere and everywhere when forest bathing. A place that is endlessly changing and yet a center of calm.

Playing this mp3 can actually make your home seem quieter by blocking out distracting sounds like traffic or noisy neighbours. Try it and see!

Forest Bathing — Further Information

Research has shown benefits to physical and mental health associated with time spent in nature. In Japan, simply being in the forest is considered medicine and called Shinrin-yoku or Forest Bathing. Developed during the 1980s Shinrin-yoku has become a cornerstone of preventive health care.

A growing body of evidence indicates that just listening to nature sounds can improve our wellbeing.  This topic will be explored further in our blog.

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Originally released in 2006 titled Forest Ambience, Forest Bathing is reproduced here under licence from Shockwave Sound.