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Desert Island

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An HD nature sounds video recorded on a quiet beach with a view across the bay towards the Caribbean Sea. Desert Island is a perfect backdrop to yoga or meditation.

The Pearl Keys are sublime, like being in a dream: perfect crescents of white sand, backed by swaying palms and coconut trees.

Far away from the noise of city life, there is only the sound of wind rustling in palm leaves. Tropical birds also chatter in nearby trees. The sun shines from a deep blue sky as you sit in the shade of a palm tree. In the distance waves from the Caribbean Sea break on a coral reef.

No traffic to disturb you, nor electronic noise. No human voices. There is nothing to break the spell cast by the solitude of life on this desert island. Time seems to stretch out beyond the blue horizon.

At last, there is no need to do anything. No other place to be than here.

A 7-minute mp4 video with a steady level of sound. Desert Island is ideal for masking distracting noise when reading, practicing yoga or to help you fall asleep. Put on repeat and listen for long as you like, or escape for a few minutes peace watching the gentle sway of leaves and waves breaking on the seashore.

Desert Island — Further Information

This video was shot in the Pearl Keys of Nicaragua. The Pearl Keys are a group of shallow islands covered with vegetation and lined with white sandy beaches. They are still quite isolated and in many ways textbook desert islands. If you were to ask anyone to picture what a desert island is like, the Pearl keys are likely to be a good match.

GPS co-ordinates: 12.4441 N / 83.4129 W

The Pearl Keys, or Cayos de Perlas in the local Spanish, are located off the coast of Nicaragua about 35km out from Laguna de Perlas. Travel to the islands is only possible using small charter boats.

There were 18 pearls, but rising sea levels mean there are now only 10 (Source: Lonely Planet).

Desert Island is a shortened version of Lonesome Caribbean Sea Island by video2relax. Reproduced here under the Creative Commons License.