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Autumn wind
Autumn Wind

Autumn Wind

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The unique sound of autumn wind captured in a Sweden forest in September of 2007. A wet cold and windy autumnal day far away from traffic noise or human sounds.

A soundscape of natural white noise of moderate intensity.

As the autumn wind moves through birch trees, colorful red and yellow leaves dance and rustle. The wind rises and falls bringing the soundscape to life. Some medium to heavy gusts of wind adds a nice variation to the sound. There are regular bird sounds though mostly only isolated chirping. There is a definite sense of solitude in these autumn sounds.

The ambience of Autumn Wind is very different the rich birdsong of spring and early summer. Summer has passed by and the forest is falling silent before the coming of winter.

A clean 7 minute audio with a steady level of sound. No fading at the start or end of the track. The audio plays on repeat so you can listen for as long as you like. Autumn Wind is ideal to fall asleep to or for those times when you may wish to be alone. Just close your eyes and let your mind wander into the trees.

Autumn Wind — Further Information

Sweden has a large south to north distance (between latitudes 55° N and 70° N). This creates large climatic differences, especially during the winter. There are typically four distinct seasons, with the summer often short (lasting only two months). Winter is longer and colder the further north in latitude.

Birch trees are a common sight in the southern coniferous forest zone and northern boreal forest, also called the snow forest or Taiga.

This mp3 audio was uploaded by Acacie from Freesound, a collaborative online database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.

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