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Ocean Euphoric
Ocean Euphoric

Ocean Euphoric

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Ocean Euphoric is a ground breaking CD that works by relaxing the subtle energies (Chi) of the body. You can enter deep states of meditation quickly and effortlessly any time you choose. The audio uses a unique sound technology developed by Kip Mazuy.

You can experience blissful presence whenever you like, simply by playing this audio.

Sit down, close your eyes and allow Ocean Euphoric to wash away all of the stress. Used over time, it will enable you to attain highly advanced states of meditation.

The listener experiences a subtle awakening of a deeply peaceful state. It benefits anyone who wishes to deepen their experience of peace, bliss and love.

Use Ocean Euphoric for your regular meditation to deepen your state. It is also great for a five minute rest-recharge to feel rejuvenated and relaxed. If you practice yoga, massage or healing Ocean Euphoric makes great background music.

Ocean Euphoric — Further Information

Kip Mazuy was interviewed by Yogamates magazine ( closed in January 2010). Here, in his own words, is a description of his spiritual awakening which lead to his creation of Ocean Euphoric.

One winter day, I was walking along the beach with my dog and was overcome by a feeling of deep sadness, loss, and despair. As I surrendered to this emotion, completely allowing myself to feel the sensations that were there, this emotion grew in intensity.
By the time I got home, this feeling was so overwhelming I could not function. I sat down on the couch, and immediately I could not move my body, as though I was put under for an operation. Still surrendering to this emotional intensity, I watched as thousands of thoughts, dreams & visions flashed before me at lightning speed and immediately burned away in this intensity.
At some point I realized that this intensity that I had experienced as emotion was in fact the intensity of consciousness. And every thought, feeling and dream that arose was instantly burned away in this fire of consciousness. It went on like this until everything was burned away and there was just this fire of consciousness.
After a couple of hours of this, I was able to move my body again. I stood up and looked over at my kitchen clock, and at that moment I realized that I was and always had been consciousness itself. That there never could be anything but consciousness and the idea of a separate me with problems and desires did not exist. The ego only existed as an action of resistance to what is.
It was not a thought but a total realization, beyond mind, like an explosion. Just recalling it now brings waves of bliss up through my body.

For a while I wanted to tell everyone about it thinking they could realize the same. But most of the time the words were no good. I often came across as annoying and arrogant. It was apparent that this realization could not happen through words but energetically. Something at an energetic level shifted and that was what made all the difference.
So began a lot of research into sound. And in the end the only thing I found that helped you experience unconditional peace was the presence of an enlightened master, one who had attained the highest states of meditation. Simply by sitting in their presence, you could easily move into beautiful states of peace and bliss. Transformation happened fast and effortlessly.
And then one day I found a way to turn this enlightened presence into sound and the sound into music. It literally just fell into my lap when I was working on something else and blew me away. That was when Ocean Euphoric was born.

The audio presented on Meditation room is a 10-minute sampler, compiled from audio clips provided by Kip Mazuy. The full Ocean Euphoric CD has 63 minutes of exquisite music with a unique sound technology that can make you feel more blissful than ever before.

This audio is reproduced by kind permission of Kip Mazuy. Ocean Euphoric was released on CD in 2002 and is available to download from Bliss Music.