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A deeply mystical version of the Moolamantra, recorded in Satyaloka, India in the year 2000.

Om Sat-chit-ananda Parabrahma Purushothama Paramatma
Sri Bhagavathi Sametha Sri Bhagavathe Namaha

Anandagiri uses his voice to weave a golden path through the rhythm of drums. The listener is gently guided into a deep state of meditation.

Anandagiri is a gifted spiritual teacher with over 20 years experience teaching advanced spiritual retreats. His deep insights and unassuming friendly presence continue to inspire people world-over to live a life free of inner conflict.

Even without knowing its meaning, chanting this vedic sanskrit mantra invokes the presence of the Divine. You will feel its gentle power deep in your heart.

Regular chanting is said to bring great happiness and a deeper connection with the Divine.

Moolamantra — Further Information

Mantra comes from the Sanskrit: man- to think and -tra tool. It literally means instrument of thought.

The earliest record of mantras is found in the Vedic scriptures that pre-date Hinduism in India. They serve a variety of functions but most often as aids to meditation and devotion.

It is said that a mantra (such as the Moolamantra), when recited with proper understanding and intonation, can deliver the mind from illusion to enlightenment.

The simplified meaning of Moolamantra is:

Om | the primordial sound from which everything else (the universe) emerges
Sat | the formless state of existence, that which is called being
Chit | consciousness, pure awareness without identification or thought
Ananda | bliss
Parabrahma | the Divine as creator in its formless aspect
Purushothama | the Divine in human form
Paramathma | the Divine present in the hearts of all creation
Sri Bhagavathi | the female aspect of creation (Shakti)
Sametha | together, in communion with
Sri Bhagavathe | the male aspect of creation
Namaha | salutation, “I bow to you”

For a more detailed explanation look here: Meaning of Moolamantra.