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Feeling good
Feeling Good

Feeling Good

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This uplifting guided meditation promotes wellbeing and peace of mind. Set to soothing music, you are gently guided to a state of feel-good and given the inner resources necessary to allow yourself to feel good more often.

Feeling Good is an uplifting meditation that helps boost natural production of endorphins, nurtures feelings of self-worth, acceptance and creates a more peaceful, relaxed state of mind.

We can train ourselves to feel good and think positively, it is a learned ability just like anything else.

The more we practise feeling good the easier it becomes, as we develop brain pathways and cellular memory in response to that stimulus.

Allow yourself to respond to the words and images rather than trying to make something happen, trust in the power of suggestion.

Suitable for beginners and advanced.

Feeling Good — Further Information

Linda Hall combines down-to-earth pragmatism with insight and sensitivity, her contemporary approach to meditation focuses on body/mind awareness and stress management techniques and does not align itself with any particular belief system or religion.

For more information about Linda Hall, including a complete catalogue of CDs and her Blog, go to: Audio Meditation.

Feeling Good is reproduced here by kind permission of Linda Hall.

The background music to Feeling Good is Soothing Caress by Christopher Lloyd Clarke, licensed by Royalty Free Meditation Music.