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Steven Sadleir

Steven Sadleir

Steven S. Sadleir is a Kundalini Master in the lineage of Vethathiri Maharishi and Siddha Yogi in the lineage of Sri Sri Sri Shivabalayogi Maharaj. He is a bestselling author, host of Enlightenment Radio and Director of the Self Awareness Institute.

Steven is a fascinating character. Blessed with spiritual insight from a very young age he was inspired to travel the world in his quest for enlightenment, studying under many different masters.

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Shaktipat Meditation is Steven's gift to our website. This beautiful 30-minute guided meditation will give you experience of Shaktipat, the transmission of life-force energy.

The purpose of Shaktipat meditation is to raise the spiritual awareness to ever higher levels, until enlightenment.

Click here to listen to Shaktipat Meditation by Steven Sadleir.

Self Realization Institute

The Self Awareness Institute (SAI) is a Virtual University for Enlightenment. Founded in 1985 and grown to over 100,000 students in over 120 countries, the SAI provides beginner to advanced meditation courses, teacher training retreats and distance learning courses held by teleconference and email.

More information about Steven Sadleir and the Self Awareness Institute, including many guided meditations available to download and on-line meditation courses, can be found at the Self Awareness Institute.

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