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Lucinda Drayton

Lucinda Drayton

Lucinda Drayton is a successful singer/songwriter and has taught meditation and self-empowerment workshops all over the world for over 15 years.

Lucinda is an extraordinary musician and teacher. Having written her first song aged 6 and joined her first band aged 14 she was always destined to make music. Lucinda co-wrote a number one hit (The Real Thing, 1994) and went on to sign with EMI and Edel records.

Around the time of her success Lucinda went through an epiphany and started to study the world of consciousness and meditation. She became a Raj Yogi and for 10 years lead an intensely spiritual way of life, she spent time in India and then toured the world singing with the band Bliss, sharing spiritual knowledge.

She has a special gift for touching people's hearts through music.

My feeling is that true musicians open the doors for others to the spiritual realms, even if they are not always conscious that that is what they are doing.

Lucinda also runs meditation experience programmes in prisons, performs fun, interactive shows centered on values in schools and leads workshops on creativity and spirituality. She is also involved in organising Peace Concerts and does a lot of work in conjunction with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University on an international level.

Click here to listen to Walk In Love by Lucinda Drayton.

Blissful Records

Lucinda has sold more than 100.000 albums worldwide on her own label, Blissful Records. Her song A Hundred Thousand Angels is loved by many and is considered a spiritual classic.

What makes this (music) so special is Lucinda's unique ability to articulate such deep emotions through her writing and singing. She is able to transport the listener to a totally different space where self reflection and transformation can take place.

After 10 years working exclusively as a singer/songwriter with the band Bliss, a body of work Lucinda says she is immensely proud of, she has recently embarked on a solo career.

For more information about Lucinda Drayton, her music, blog and meditation workshops visit Blissful Records.

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