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Linda Hall

Linda Hall

Linda Hall is qualified in holistic massage with the Massage Training Institute, has completed two and a half years training in subtle-energy healing with the McNeil School of Healing, and a one year counselling skills course with Spectrum, a centre for humanistic therapy.

In 2001 she was made an associate teacher of the Rowan School of Healing and from this time started teaching meditation as a tool for self-development and stress management.

She is also a full member of the Association for Therapeutic Healers and Independent Professional Therapists International.

Linda is an accomplished and gifted practitioner. She has wide-ranging skills and long experience in the field. All this, combined with her positive outlook and intuitive yet pragmatic methods, is a winning combination.

Combining practicality with insight and sensitivity, her contemporary approach to meditation focuses on body-mind awareness and stress management techniques and does not align itself with any particular belief system or religion.

Click here to listen to Feeling Good by Linda Hall.

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Audio Meditation

Linda began developing her meditation techniques through an interest in the body-mind connection, observed over many years of clinical practice in holistic massage and healing.

Her methods use the power of suggestion to trigger what is known as the Relaxation Response.

The relaxation response is a physical state of deep rest indicated by decreased heart rate, blood pressure, rate of breathing and muscle tension. Levels of blood cortisol (a stress hormone) fall coupled with an increase in production of endorphins (hormones that make us feel happy). In other words, we feel good.

Linda's meditations are beautiful, she has such a gentle calming voice; her meditations take you into a world of peace, positivity, strength and absolute tranquillity.

Linda has a genuine enthusiasm for the power we all possess to bring about positive change in our lives. She presents meditation as a life-enhancing tool that anyone can easily incorporate into everyday life, to reduce stress and support their own health and well-being.

Her meditation and relaxation self-help CDs and MP3s are produced with great care and appeal to young and old, beginner and advanced alike.

Linda divides her time between teaching meditation in her busy London UK practice, and creating her audio work on the beautiful east coast of Essex.

For more information about Linda Hall visit Audio Meditation.

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