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Kip Mazuy

Kip Mazuy

Kip Mazuy has been a leading composer of meditation music for over 20 years. His music label, Bliss Music, is known around the world for producing uniquely soothing and healing meditation CDs.

Kip describes the awakening which lead to the creation of Ocean Euphoric:

One winter day, I was walking along the beach with my dog and was overcome by a feeling of deep sadness, loss, and despair. As I surrendered to this emotion, the emotion grew in intensity ... I watched as thousands of thoughts, dreams & visions flashed before me at lightning speed and immediately burned away in this intensity. It went on like this until everything was burned away and there was just consciousness.
I stood up and looked over at my kitchen clock, and at that moment I realized that I was and always had been consciousness itself. That there never could be anything but consciousness and the idea of a separate me with problems and desires did not exist. It was not a thought but a total realization, beyond mind, like an explosion. Just recalling it now brings waves of bliss up through my body...

Kip found a way to turn this enlightened presence (Shaktipat) into sound and the sound into music.

By recording music while in a deep state of meditation and layering the subtle vibrations present into a complex wash of sounds, Kip creates music that not only sounds peaceful but carries the energetic of a deep state of peace.

The listener experiences a subtle awakening of that same peaceful state: it benefits anyone who has the intention to deepen their experience of peace, bliss and love.

Click here to listen to Ocean Euphoric by Kip Mazuy.

Bliss Music

Created with the sole intention to help others who were seeking enlightenment, Kips music is used in many meditation classes and satsangs.

But it is not just for meditation, many business people use the music as a 5 minute rejuvenation to bring themselves back to a state of balance. It is used in all of the healing arts including Yoga, Massage, Reiki and by artists to help their creativity. Some use it to help with depression, insomnia, even bipolar disease. Even doctors and dentists play his music in their offices to keep their patients calm and peaceful.

Bliss Music is about inner peace. Just put on your headphones and slip into a sublime state of bliss. Let the music wash away all the stress and bring you back to presence.

Kip Mazuy lives in New Zealand, devoting his time to creating contemplative music while continuing to deepen his own meditative experience.

For more information about Kip Mazuy, including a complete catalogue of meditation CDs, go to Bliss Music

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