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Angelika Healing Music

Angelika Schafer

Angelika is an international performer, song-writer and recording artist who has dedicated her life to inspire and heal through the gift of her angelic voice and music.

Her music is deeply soothing, inspiring and heart-opening: there is a great stillness and sacredness present in her recordings and live performances. Many listeners comment on the healing qualities of her voice and music.

When Angelika comes to play her music at my yoga center, I know that it will be filled with wonderful healing energy from that moment on.
Everyone who attends leaves with a soft smile on the outside and a renewed sense of the sacred on the inside. She creates beautiful sounds with her voice and her instruments and teaches us at the same time, gently interacting and encouraging us to be our best selves for a little while.

She has been giving concerts worldwide at retreat centers, churches, schools, private homes, conferences and other special events since 1991.

Singing ancient Sanskrit healing chants, mantras, prayers in different languages and her own songs in English, Angelika accompanies her vocals with a custom-made tamboura/monochord and 12-string guitar.

Click here to listen to Govinda Radhe by Angelika.

Angelika Healing Music

Angelika's musical mission is to foster acceptance and respect between cultures, religions and different belief systems and guide us all ever closer to the One Source.

She considers it a great blessing to have studied with some of the great Masters and Saints of our time: Mata Amritanandamayi, Shree Maa, Mother Meera, Karunamayi, Sri Bhagavan and Amma, all of whom have been instrumental in her spiritual growth as well as teaching sacred mantras and songs.

Angelika's music speaks directly to the soul. It takes you into a journey of remembering your own divine essence. Her voice and music are truly angelic.

Angelika has produced and published 12 CDs (older titles only available by special request) and performs internationally.

For more information, including sacred chant CDs, visit her website: Angelika Healing Music.

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