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Thunder Storm with Rain, Bird Song and City Noises

Urban Thunderstorm

Thunder and Rain, with Bird Song and City Noises
from Freesound

A dramatic soundscape with deep thunder, relaxing rain sounds and birdsong. Urban Thunderstorm effectively masks background noise and can actually make your home seem quieter!

Urban Thunderstorm opens to the sound of light rain and birds singing. A scooter passes by and the first rumble of thunder is heard in the distance.

As the storm and thunder approaches you hear the cooing of a wood-pigeon, the call of a crow and other small birds happily chirping. The rain intensifies after a few minutes and a car drives away, doors and windows close but the birds keep singing!

At 11 minutes there is a very loud crack of thunder as the storm passes directly overhead. Several minutes of heavy rain follow and the birds fall silent. For the closing 10 minutes of this mp3 audio the thunder slowly moves away, the rain eases and life in Berlin returns to normal.

Played quietly in the background, the steady sound of rain falling together with the deep rumble of thunder creates an hypnotic effect that can help you relax or sleep more soundly at night.

The low base tones of thunder are very effective in blocking out unwanted sounds like noisy neighbours, traffic and even snoring!

Use these rain and thunder nature sounds to lift your mood or help you relax, as an aid to better sleep or block out distracting noise to help you concentrate.

Further Information

This mp3 audio was uploaded by tyldurd from Freesound, a collaborative database of Creative Commons Licensed sounds.

To hear more soundscapes and download mp3 nature sounds visit Just Nature Sounds.

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