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Early Morning Seashore, The Rhythmic Sound of Ocean Waves

Early Morning Seashore

The Rhythmic Sound of Ocean Waves
by Björn Lynne

Relax after work or fall asleep to the rhythmic sound of the sea. Early Morning Seashore creates a wonderfully calm atmosphere that helps you relax and let go of stress and tension.

A crystal clear natural environment sound captured early morning on a small pebbled beach on the Risøya Peninsula, Norway.

The gently swaying sea water is perfectly tempered by the undisturbed peace of the surroundings. Small waves wash up on the pebbled shore and trickle gently back into the sea, occasional distant seagulls and small birds make this lyrical soundscape perfectly relaxing.

Find a comfortable place to sit or lie down, put on your headphones and relax. Let your imagination paint a picture of lazy days spent by the seashore, far away from the city.

Play this seashore sounds mp3 in the car, at home or at work as a backdrop to your activity and notice how it changes the quality of the space around you.

Further Information

This is a continuous, uninterrupted stereo soundscape with no looping, using only 100% nature sounds audio, reproduced here under licence from Shockwave Sound.

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