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Listen to the sound of water flowing down a mountainside, majestic ocean waves or a dramatic city thunderstorm.

Nature soundscapes for Relaxation, Meditation & Sleep

Drift away to a tropical beach paradise, take a ride on a wood-masted sailboat or breathe in the sounds of a summer meadow.

Early Morning Seashore

A crystal clear stereo nature soundscape captured early morning on a small pebbled beach.

The rhythmic sound of small ocean waves on Early Morning Seashore creates a wonderfully calm atmosphere that helps you to unwind after work or fall asleep at night.

20m 00s mp3 audio

Forest Walk

A dreamy soundscape of different woodland sounds from Björn Lynne.

Wind whispers in the leaves, in the distance is the wound of rushing water while birds happily chirp in the trees. Forest Walk is a reminder that life can be busy without being hurried.

20m 00s mp3 audio

Summer Rain

Hypnotic soundscape of rain falling on hard ground and leaves with occasional thunder.

Gentle Summer Rain creates a wonderfully calm atmosphere that helps adults and children relax and gently fall asleep. Let the sound of rain fill your head as thoughts of the day gently drift away.

19m 58s mp3 audio

Mountain Stream

A twenty-minute oasis of peace to lift your mood, from Björn Lynne.

Mountain Stream is the sound of crystal-clear water trickling playfully between rocks and sparkling in the sunshine, accompanied by occasional birdsong.

19m 58s mp3 audio

Tropical Beach

This lovely soundscape was captured on the fringe of a nature reserve by Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

The ocean waves of Tropical Beach have a soft tonality, but the forest birdsong is clear and present. While listening to the birds you should be able to hear a lovely natural forest echo.

07m 00s mp3 audio

Wood Masted Sailboat

An iconic soundscape from Syntonic Research Inc., pioneers of nature sound recordings in the 1970s.

Wood Masted Sailboat has no human voices, only the cries of gulls, the crashing of the restless ocean and the unmistakable creak of the wooden mast under full sail.

29m 57s mp3 audio

Dawn Chorus

A stereo nature sound of birdsong recorded at daybreak in the English countryside.

As the sun touches the tops of the trees, birds of all kinds celebrate the arrial of a new day. A beautiful birdsong soundscape, Dawn Chorus makes any time of day magical.

07m 01s mp3 audio

Urban Thunderstorm

A stereo field-recording of a thunder storm passing over Berlin.

Perfect as a background to relaxation or work by effectivey screening out unwanted noise. As the rain storm approaches you hear bird song, people parking cars and other city noises.

26m 17s mp3 audio

Tropical Storm

A thunderstorm passes over a small lake in the Children's Eternal Rainforest Preserve, Costa Rica.

An atmospheric soundscape that begins with rainforest sounds, light rain and distant rumbling thunder. The storm passes overhead and the rain and thunderclaps dramatically increase in intensity.

26m 38s mp3 audio


A field recording from Mollem National Park, a 240 square kilometres protected area in the Western Ghats of South India.

Many kinds of birds, insects and large animals add their distinctive sounds to create an exceptional forest soundscape.

33m 40s mp3 audio

Ocean Waves

In North Carolina the Atlantic Ocean crashes against a steep sandy beach as the tide goes out.

There are some bird sounds, but mostly it is just the powerful sound of big waves breaking on the shore. A wonderfully evocative soundscape with no distracting noises, refreshing and relaxing.

09m 05s mp3 audio

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