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Ocean Euphoric, Deeply Meditative Music

Ocean Euphoric

Deeply Meditative Music
by Kip Mazuy

By recording music while in a deep state of meditation Kip creates music that not only sounds peaceful but carries the energetic of a deep state of peace.

Ocean Euphoric is a ground breaking CD that works by relaxing the subtle energies (Chi) of the body. Using a unique sound technology, developed by Kip Mazuy, you can enter deep states of meditation quickly and effortlessly any time you choose.

You can experience blissful presence whenever you like, simply by playing this audio. Sit down, close your eyes and allow Ocean Euphoric to wash away all of the stress. Used over time, it will enable you to attain highly advanced states of meditation.

The listener experiences a subtle awakening of a deeply peaceful state: it benefits anyone who has the intention to deepen their experience of peace, bliss and love.

Use Ocean Euphoric during your regular meditation, for a five minute rest-and-recharge to feel completely rejuvenated and relaxed, or as background music for yoga, massage and healing.

Further Information

This audio is reproduced here by kind permission of Kip Mazuy, Owner of Bliss Music.

Presented here is a 10-minute sampler, compiled from audio clips provided by Kip Mazuy. The full CD contains 63 minutes of continuous exquisite music with a unique sound technology that can make you feel more blissful than ever before.

Ocean Euphoric is available to download from Bliss Music.

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