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Mantra of Mahakala, Sacred Buddhist Chant

Mantra of Mahakala

Sacred Buddhist Chant
by Lama Karta

Lama Karta's deeply resonant voice is instantly recognisable and overflows with devotion, creating a sense of sacredness normally only experienced in the silent meditation halls of a Tibetan monastery. Beautiful and uplifintg.

A Tibetan Buddhist chant from internationally acclaimed monk, Lama Karta.

This chant is an invocation to Mahakala, known as the Protector of Dharma in Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism. Despite a wrathful demeanor, the essential quality of Mahakala is awakened compassion: his blessings are said to quell difficulties and obstacles arising from anger and depression.

It follows that this chant should be used when facing difficulties and for its soothing and uplifting properties.

Further Information

Mantra of Mahakala is from the album Tibetan Chants by Lama Karta, and is no loner listed.

From 1990 until his passing in February 2013 Lama Karta was responsible for the spiritual direction of the Tibetan Institute, a mandala of Buddhist centers located in Belgium and the Netherlands. Please consider supporting the work of this organisation by making a donation.

Click here to read more about the life and contribution of Lama Karta.

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