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Free Audio & Video for Yoga & Healing


Devotional chants & sanskrit mantras, shamanic journeys, chakra activation & sound healing.

music that can change your life

Relaxing music for yoga practice & bodywork sessions. Sound frequencies that heal your body & open your mind. Songs that create a space for meditation & prayer.

Ocean Euphoric

A 10-minute sample of the ground-breaking CD by Kip Mazuy.

Ocean Euphoric uses a unique sound technology to relax the subtle energies (Chi) of the body. Enter deep states of meditation quickly and effortlessly any time you choose.

10m 25s mp3 audio

Govinda Radhe

A sanskrit chant of devotion to Govinda (Lord Krishna) and his lover Srimati Radhika.

Angelika sings Govinda Radhe with an ethereal beauty that channels heavenly sound and healing energy. A vibration of deep peace and joy that flows softly into the heart.

10m 52s mp3 audio

Mantra of Mahakala

Tibetan Buddhist chant from internationally acclaimed monk Lama Karta.

Mantra of Mahakala is an invocation to Mahakala, the Protector of Dharma. Its deeply resonant tones convey a sacredness usually only found within the halls of a monastery. Beautiful and uplifting.

06m 44s mp3 audio


A devotional chant in sanskrit designed to lead you into deep states of meditation, by Anandagiri.

Moolamantra invokes the supreme state of sat-chit-ananda (eternal bliss consciousness). Regular chanting of the Moolamantra is said to bring great happiness and a deeper connection with the Divine.

20m 07s mp3 audio

The Great Bell Chant

Featuring a prayer written by Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh, chanted by brother Phap Niem.

A visually stunning video compiled by R Smittenaar, The Great Bell Chant serves to remind us of the beauty of our world and the deep connection we share with all living beings.

07m 13s mp4 video

The Mountain

Breathtaking time-lapse images by TSO Photography taken on El Tiede in Spain, April 2011.

The beautiful phtotgraphs of the Milky Way, rolling clouds and natural forests on The Mountain are set to relaxing piano music "Nuvole bianche" by Lucovido Enaudi.

03m 09s mp4 video

Medieval Chant

Three sacred chants from Palestrina's Requiem Mass: Kyrie eleison, Sanctus and Agnus Dei.

Choral music in the Christian medieval polyphony tradition. Breathtaking and transcendental in its beauty, use Medieval Chant to create a devotional atmosphere for prayer or for its uplifting quality.

14m 01s mp3 audio

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