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Walk In Love, a guided meditation for love

Walk In Love

A Guided Meditation for Love
by Lucinda Drayton

This meditation will help develop a positive and loving attitude towards yourself, as well as attract new loving supportive people into your life.

Walk In Love can be used whenever you feel the need for more love in your life, or to help guide you back to a place of love when love seems to be missing.

Your awareness is gently guided through the body, helping you to relax and find your focus. From this place of peace Lucinda's calming voice moves you deeper into yourself, into the eternal and timeless: the real you. Here it is possible to make the shift from fear and doubt, to courage and love.

This meditation is reproduced here by kind permission of Lucinda Drayton and Diviniti Publishing Ltd.

Further Information

Lucinda Drayton is a successful singer/songwriter and has taught meditation and self-empowerment workshops for more than 15 years all over the world.

Lucinda has created a collection of guided meditations (of which Walk In Love is a part) called Simple Truths. Each meditation is designed to help open your heart and create a healthy love for yourself and those around you.

For more information about Lucinda Drayton, her music, blog and meditation workshops visit her website: Blissful Records.

For a complete catalogue of self-development CDs, DVDs and books go to Diviniti Publishing Ltd.

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