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Shaktipat Meditaion, A Journey Inside Your Mind

Shaktipat Meditation

A Journey Inside Your Mind
by Steven Sadleir

Sink into a bubbling jacuzzi of consciousness; feel your mind relax and all your thoughts floating out of your head like butterflies. Take a deep breath in and as you breath out feel yourself sinking deeper...

Shaktipat Master Steven Sadleir guides you through this powerful meditation, and teaches you how to tap into the your own life-force: feel the energy flowing through your hands into your body, taking you into an infinite ocean of bliss.

For the first few minutes Steven guides you into a more relaxed state, where you can can more easily let go of any thoughts that may be troubling you. He creates a sacred space for the meditation. Then, by bringing your focus to the 3rd-eye (the point between the eyebrows) you are taken into a very deep state of meditation.

From this very settled state of awareness you are given the transmission of life-force energy, or shakti.

Shaktipat can be intensely blissful or quite subtle, it is often experienced as a physical sensation but there may also be visual phenomena, such as flashes of light. Most find the experience deepens with time and regular practise.

This is a very deep meditation and not intended for casual use; you should put time aside and find a place to meditate where you will not be disturbed for the 30 minutes duration.

Further Information

This meditation is reproduced here by kind permission of Steven S. Sadleir, Director of the Self Awareness Institute.

From Wikipedia:

Shaktipat is a Sanskrit word for the transfer of spiritual energy from a spiritually enlightened master to a disciple or student. Shaktipat can be transmitted through a sacred word or mantra, a look, a thought or by touch. It can also be transmitted at a distance through an object such as a flower or fruit, or via telephone or letter.

To this list we could add by intention and through a picture of the master.

Shaktipat Meditation is available to download as the 30 Minute Guided Shaktipat Meditation from the Self Awareness Institute.

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