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Relax into meditation knowing you are being guided by an experienced teacher.

Find a calm and peaceful state one step at a time

Sink into an ocean of bliss, create more loving relationships, easily let go of stress. Use our meditation audio to improve the quality of your life.

Shaktipat Meditation

Shaktipat Master Steven Sadleir guides you through this powerful life-force meditation.

Shaktipat Meditation is a very deep meditation and is not intended for casual use. You should put time aside and find a place to meditate where you will not be disturbed for the 30 minutes duration.

30m 00s mp3 audio

Walk In Love

A guided meditation by Lucinda Dryton to help you create more love in your life.

Use Walk In Love to help guide you back to love when love seems to be missing, Lucinda's truly beautiful voice leads you to a place of perfect peace and unconditional love.

14m 21s mp3 audio

Unconditional Love

A hypnosis audio by Glenn Harrold to help develop more loving and harmonius relationships.

The Power of Unconditional Love is the second track of a two-part hypnotherapy CD by Glenn Harrold, the UK's best selling self-help audio author. Powerful and transformative.

29m 27s mp3 audio

Feeling Good

An uplifting and positive thinking meditation suitable for beginners and advanced, by Linda Hall.

Use Feeling Good to develop more inner happiness and contentment. Allow yourself to respond to the words and images rather than trying to make something happen, trust in the power of suggestion.

09m 42s mp3 audio

All The Time You Need

Deeply relaxing meditation by Linda Hall using visualisation techniques and positive affirmations.

All The Time You Need will help change your relationship with time, helping you to be present and more easily cope with the pressures of modern day living.

08m 46s mp3 audio

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