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Free Binaural Beats

Technology for optimum performance

Free Brainwave Entrainment Audio


Generate and sustain brain wave states of deep meditation, relaxation and better sleep.

free your mind & fulfil your potential

Improve learning & memory, reduce your levels of stress, increase well-being and longevity.

Deep Meditation

Deep Meditation helps you enjoy ultra-deep meditation at the touch of a button.

Rain falls onto leaves and an occasional clap of thunder is complemented by the hypnotic ringing of wind chimes. This audio uses free binaural beats and requires stereo headphones.

30m 00s mp3 audio

Total Relaxation

Total Relaxation makes relaxing effortless. Perfect to unwind with at the end of a busy day.

Listen to the sound of ocean waves breaking gently on a shingle beach and let yourself drift away. This audio uses binaural beats and requires stereo headphones.

20m 00s mp3 audio

Power Nap

Power Nap uses binaural beats to help you fall into a deep and restful sleep.

The sound of rainfall gradually gives way to a slow deep pulse, gently taking you into deeper states of relaxation, before quieting the mind and letting you fall asleep.

30m 00s mp3 audio

Zen Meditation

Zen Meditation is designed to create a state of restful alertness, where thoughts and silence co-exist.

Listen to the sound of crystal clear water playfully falling over rocks, while the binaural beats create the meditation for you. This audio requires stereo headphones.

20m 00s mp3 audio

Ultimate Relaxation

A combination of binaural beats with Wood Masted Sailboat completely unique to MR. Uses relaxing alpha beats.

Let the restless sea, the haunting cry of the gulls and the creak of the mast carry you away to a place of sublime preace.

29m 57s mp3 audio

Holomoods Misty Lake

A 3D immersive soundscape designed to help you relax or support your meditation practice.

Misty Lake uses alpha frequency mononaural beats and isochronic tones to gently guide you into a deeply relaxed brainwave state. Can be used with or without headphones.

10m 03s mp3 audio

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