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Incense by Aldo Gonzalez | Govinda Radhe 4, Mantra of Mahakala 8

Lost In Meditation by Kazuhiko Teramoto | Govinda Radhe 3

Homa Ritual by Man Bartlett | Govinda Radhe 6

Candles at the Tomb of David by Brian Jeffery Beggerly | Govinda Radhe 8

The Indian Dancer by Swami Stream | Govinda Radhe 11

Lucy's Balloon by Alyssa L Miller | Power Nap 1

Rebekah Calamia by Katy Bate | Power Nap 11

Reflecting Buddha by Frames-of-Mind |Mantra of Mahakala 1

Buddhist Monastery, Myanmar by Shannon Holman | Mantra of Mahakala 4

Floating Flower by Anne Oeldorf-Hirsch | Zen Meditation 2

Big Fish by RachelH | Zen Meditation 4

Water Drop on the top of Leaf by joka2000 | Zen Meditation 7

Salt Creek by Kurt Swanson | Zen Meditation 11

Dew on Spider Web by Luc Viator | Links Page

Barefoot by Vera & Jean-Christophe | Mantra of Mahakala 5

Tashilhunpo Monastery by Chris Webster | Mantra of Mahakala 3

Mantra by Jon Fife | Mantra of Mahakala 10

Birch Leaf by Paul Lloyd | Govinda Radhe 1

Rainbow by Massimo Catarinella | Deep Meditation 9, Summer Rain 10

Prayer Wheel by gptwisted | Mantra of Mahakala 6

Taj Mahal Sunrise by Mohan S | Govinda Radhe 2m Govinda Radhe User Guide

Ghee for the Yagna Fire by Dey Alexander | Govinda Radhe 7

Khajuraho India by| Jackson Lee | Govinda Radhe 9

Vitarka Mudra by Bruno Furnari | Mantra of Mahakala 7

Ripples by uBookworm | Zen Meditation 3

Life's Colour Comes from the Heart by Damian Bere | Zen Meditation 6

Paolo Sousa Sitar by Màrio Pires | Sitemap Page

Rocks of Bintan by Tim Donelly | Total Relaxation 1

Andy Irons by Alonso Algote | Total Relaxation 3

Los Angeles Untitled, 4 by Erin Allen | Total Relaxation 6

Another Reflection by Tim Donelly | Total Relaxation 8

Jonathan Livingston by Horace Spatula | Power Nap Guide, Total Relaxation 11, Power Nap 7, Zen Meditation 8

Shigatse Explored by HaxHeaven | Mantra of Mahakala 2

Donated Images

Steven S. Sadleir, copyright © all rights reserved | Shaktipat Meditation 1,6,12

Cloud05 by Jan Rasmussen, copyright © all rights reserved | Gentle Rain 9, Unconditional Love 11

Water02 by Jan Rasmussen, copyright © all rights reserved | Power Nap 10

Devotion by Claude Renault, copyright © all rights reserved | Govinda Radhe 5

Meditation by Alyn Smith, copyright © all rights reserved | Mantra of Mahakala 9

Public Domain Images

Mayang's Free Textures, copyright © Mayang Murni Adnin

M74 Phantom Galaxy from | ESA and The Hubble Heritage (STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration | Shaktipat Meditation 6

White Rose for You from Photobucket | Shaktipat Meditation 11, Walk in Love 1

Rain Imminent from Photobucket | Summer Rain 2

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